STOK — Inventory management for a smart kitchen

3 min readJan 24, 2019


Designing for a smart kitchen was a challenging topic as we wanted to include tech to augment human centric features. To do that, we had to first define what a modern kitchen was, and the devices that could co-exist in this environment. Understanding the users and designing for habit rather than tech, gave us a new perspective on what the jar should look, feel and interact.. STOK also takes into consideration extreme attention to detail in terms of ergonomics, textures, weight and of course technological features that help users manage inventory in their kitchen.

What’s better than a personal shopper? Not needing one at all!​​​​​​​

This clever canister design called “STOK” is the latest and in addition to the ever growing IoT (Internet of Things). Like many other kitchen storage systems, it has a transparent body that’s easy for viewing and an airtight seal for keeping food fresh. What sets this smart jar apart, however, is the fact that it’s equipped with sensors to detect when your supplies are running low. Better yet, each jar will communicate with you through your smartphone to indicate storage levels and give you the option to replenish supplies using apps like Big Basket or Grofers. You can easily replace stock by manually checking out, or set it to automatically fulfill orders to ensure you never run out of your regularly used items.

The app synthesizes the information and notifies you about the ingredients that you need to shop

Combining Design and Tech

STOK is not just made smart by adding valuable technology to it, but we pushed our boundaries to rethink the whole architecture of the conventional, boring looking kitchen jars.

The basic idea of a jar is to store, and conveniently reach out for the ingredients in it. So, we designed the whole typology of the jar such that the ingredients are easily accessible and reachable. The inner walls of the container have been engineered with a defined thickness, that ensures a perfect flow when an ingredient is poured in/out.

The texture of the inner wall prevents the ingredient from sticking to the base. It’s very common for Turmeric, Cinnamon and Sugar among others to leave residue which need to be dabbed out of the container. This engineered gloss texture, results in not having a tough time while cleaning out the jars.

Easy to Use

Don’t worry, this smart kitchen appliance is not as complicated as it may sound, just follow the simple steps:

  • Switch on the jar and hub — Syncs automatically
  • Download the STOK app and register yourself
  • Jars purchased will automatically appear on the app
  • Fill the jars with the ingredients
  • Assign the ingredient in each jar on the app
  • Voila, you’re DONE!

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